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Department of Physics                                                                                                                Nayagarg Autonomous College, nayagarh-752069

Physics as a pass subject was introduced in the curriculum just one year after the very inception of the college, 1961-62 with due affiliation from utkal university, Bhubaneswar. later on, in the academic session 1974-75, the college got permission from Govt. and affiliation from utkal university to impart Hons teaching in physics with an intake capacity of 16 students. Taking into account, the growing demand from students to continue physics education in this college by a team of extremely dedicated and versatile teachers under the torch bearer Prof. M. Debendra Rao, the intake student strength went up to 32 from the session 1989-90. The journey which began slowly and of course steadily in the year 1962-63 has been presently turned into a gigantic leap to earn the rare distinction of being the only college with an intake capacity of 80 students in physics hons. More ever, students after their B. Sc hons. are excelling farther by joining H. E, research institution/ corporate Sectors, puuting them best and ultimately giving glory to this Department.Rao,

Chronological List of Heads of the Department.

1. Sri K. V. Mruthuswami, 1.7.62-31.5.63

2. Sri B.V. Hanumantarao, 1.7.63-30.5.64

3. Sri R. Krishnanandan, 3.7.64- 10.7.65

4. Sri M. Debendra Rao, 14.7.65-28.7.88

5. Sri Haraprasad Mohapatra, 29.7.88-22.8.91

6. Sri Suresh Chandra Pattanaik, 23.8.88-22.8.91

7. Sri Haraprasad Mohapatra, 22.8.93- 1.9.94

8. Sri Hari Hara Mohapatra, 2.9.94-14.6.2002

9. Dr. Sadasiv Biswal. 15.6.2002-28.7.2004

10. Sri Subash Chandra Nayak, 29.7.2004- 28.10.2005

11. Sri Padma Charan Swain, 29.10.2005- 31.7.2011

12. Sri Himansu Sekhar Pattanaik, 01-.8.2011-continuing.


1. Faculty of the Department
1. Mr, Himanshu Sekhar Pattnaik : M, Sc, Reader and Head of the Department,

2. Mr. Suresh Kumar Pradhan : M, Sc, Sr. Lecturer
3. Mr. Saroj Ranjan Das : M. Sc, Lecturer

4. Dr. Bipin Kumar Pattnaik : M, Sc, PhD, Lecturer
5. Dr. (Mrs.) Sanjukta Mishra : M, Sc, PhD, Lecturer
6. Mr. Rabindra Behera : M, Sc. M, Phil Lecturer

7.  Mr. Ashok Kumar Sahoo : M, Sc. Lecturer

8.  Mr. Jyoti Bhusan Nayak : M, Sc. Lecturer


B. Demonstrators:

1. Sri Sarat Kumar Nayak, M. Sc

2. Smt.G. Tripathy, M. Sc.

3. Abhimanyu Lenka, B. Sc

4. Sri Dillip Kumar Mohapatra, B. Sc


C. Laboratory Attendants:

1. Prasanna Kumar Panda

2. Prafulla Kumar Mohapatra

3. Dhiren Kumar Sundara

4. Prakash Chandra Mohapatra

5. Deeleep Kumar Tripathy.


D. Facilities provided by the Departments:

The Department Seminar library contains 702 text books, 289 reference books.

No of Journals-2- Resonance and current sciences.

One computer and one printer installed in the department to provide facility for the students.

6th semester students are deliverer seminar talks and submitting project under the  guidance of faculty members for the partial fulfillment of degree examination.


E. Student Achievements:

Best Graduate Award: Miss sushree Sangita Behera, 2008-09

Prizes in NGPE- Six Students.


F. Eminent Personalities Visited the Department:

1.Prof B B Swain, Retd prof of physics, Ravenshaw University

2. Prof L. D. Maharana  Retd Prof. Physics, Utkal University

3. Prof S. K. dash, Prof Physics, R.I.E. Bhubaneswar.

4. Prof N Barik, Retd Prof Physics, Utkal University.

5. Prof D. satapathy, Associate Prof Physics, Berlin, Germany.

6. Prof. P. C. Das, Retd Reader, P. N. college, Khurda

7. Prof H. P. Mohapatra, Retd Reader/Principal, Nayagarh Auto college.

8. Prof G. S. Ray, Prof Physics, G. M. Auto College, Sambalpur.

9. Prof B. K. Rath, Prof in Computer Science.

10. Prof. N. C. Mishra, Prof Physics, utkal University.


G. Results: +3 Final Degree Only

Academic Year      No. of Students                         Division.   

                            appeared            Passed         1st      2nd      3rd       GWH    % of Pass

2013-14                    58                     58                54       04                                  100

2014-15                    70                     70                62       08                          -       100

2015-16                    74                     71                66       05                                    96   


H. Lists of Outstanding alumni:

1. Dr Balaram Sahoo, M Sc M. Tech, Asst Prof. Duisberg 

2. Dr Prasanna Kumar Sahoo, M. Sc. M. Tech, Vanung University

3. Mr. Srinibas Satapathy, M. tech, Sr. Scientist, CAT, Indore

4. Mr. Dillip Kumar Mishra, M. Sc, M. Phil, IMS BBSR

5. Mr Sukadev Sahoo, M. Sc M. Phil, Lecturer NIT, Durgapur, WB

6. Mr Niranjan Tripathy, M. Sc Senior Member Spar Aerospace Ltd. Canada.

7. Dr. Damodar Parida, M. Sc. scientist, OUAT, BBSR

8. Mr Pinaki Pattanaik, OAS

9. Mr Satyabrata Sahoo, MCA WIPRO, Chennai

10. Mr Santosh Kumar Sahoo, M. Sc, M. Tech, Research Scholar, IIT Kharagpur.










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